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YangHeng(DongGuan) Industrial Co.,Ltd
Founded in December 2007, YangHeng(DongGuan)Industrial Co.,Ltd is located 3 kilometers away from the“Dongguan”exit of“Dongguan-shenzhen Expressway”,very convenient transportation.It is a R&D,environmental friendly foam products company,with professional technology and special formula,can produce filter foam,fire-resistant foam,baby life supplies foam,conductive foam,release memory and happy bear brand household items,of a variety of aperture(10PPI-60PPI),color and hardness.To better meet the market demand,after 10 years of continuous improvement,the“AI" foaming system independently developed by the company has been officially launched in 2018.The implementation of this system can greatly save storage space,and the quality can still be compared to“The foaming line”,small and exquisite craftsmanship,and release a greater market atmosphere for each other's cooperation. The company has set up a special processing workshop,specializing in the combination of some filter nets and the processing of complicated and special shapes, which are widely used in aquarium filtration, air filtration, high and mid-range filters, foam ceramic filters, also suitable four star hotels, large luxury commercial and residential buildings, automotive industry, oil brushes, speakers, cleaning supplies, etc., are well received by users .
        The unique anti-static foam brings good news to the electronics packaging and health care equipment. Antibacterial foam makes your modern living home more comfortable and healthy.
        The company continuously introduces high-tech and talents, actively participates in and absorbs advanced technologies at home and abroad, and effectively improves the inadequacies of the company's products.Adhering to the"pursuit of eternal, enjoy the promise of trust"attitude,and the thesis"quality even better than life, service as our own responsibility"to hug the market,warmly welcome new and old customers to visit and cooperate.

Product Center

NO.1independent R&D
Professional R & D team, professional technology and special formula, can produce a variety of aperture (10PPI-60PPI), color, hardness of filter foam, daily life foam, conductive foam, release foam and other  foam products.
NO.214 years experience
Professional R & D team, professional technology and special formula, can produce a variety of aperture (10PPI-60PPI),color, hardness of filter cotton, daily life foam, conductive foam, release foam and other  foam products.
NO.3high effeciency production line
"AI foaming system" since 2018 is officially put into operation.The implementation of this system can greatly save storage space, and the quality can still be compared with the so-called "line foaming", small and exquisite craftsmanship.
NO.4high standards foam quality
Product features: water resistance / corrosion resistance / processing / anti-vibration / insulation / sound insulation / flexible / light weight, products installed,qualified after low temperature -20 ° C to high temperature 80 ° C inspection.
NO.520% saving environmental friendly
The operating cost of the company is about 20% lower than that of foreign companies, and the product cost can be reduced by 10%-30%. The environmental protection products meet the latest environmental protection requirements of various countries, including ROHS, REACH and halogen-free.
NO.6quick response in one day
Quick response to customer requirements, reply or solve customer needs within one working day, perfect after-sales service system, professional technical team to solve problems quickly, let you buy with confidence, use with peace of mind!

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